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Question 24 - we asked:

What are your views regarding the options for the Harston stretch of the Royston to Cambridge A10 corridor bike path?

We asked this question in these 2 divisions: Melbourn, Sawston.

8 of the 11 candidates (73%) who were asked this question responded as below.

Those candidate(s) which were elected are highlighted.

(Conservative Party)

The first major issue to confront cyclists travelling along the A10 is the M11 roundabout at Trumpington. This is being addressed by an off-line solution that will take cyclists across the bridge to the north of the motorway junction, and a properly surfaced section of cycleway is now in place at the point where this off-line route rejoins the A10 at Hauxton.

The A10 through Harston is very narrow for an A class road and I do not see any realistic on-road solution. The verges through Harston are not wide but on the western side there is a continuous but narrow footpath that is also used by some cyclists. The only realistic option that I can see would be to widen this footpath and regrade it as a combined footway / cycleway. I would be willing to listen to any alternative suggestions but, in my view, options are very limited.

(Green Party)

I think a cycle path from Royston to Cambridge would be very helpful to cyclists along its length, and would encourage more people to use their bikes. I agree that a cycle path within Harston itself, rather than bypassing it, would be more heavily used.

Adrian John FRENCH
(Labour Party)
The candidate did not enter a response for this question.
(Labour Party)

I think it depends on the objective. If (as I think it should be) it is commuting/travel into Cambridge, rather than leisure, the priority should be improving cycling failities along the A10.

Angela Mary PATRICK
(Labour Party)

I support cycling paths and measures to make cycling safer

Michael Thomas KILPATRICK
(Liberal Democrat)

I will admit that I am not aware of the options that have been presented. If elected I would likely support the views of councillors local to that area.

Susan Elizabeth Kerr VAN DE VEN
(Liberal Democrat)

I'm part of the working group looking at options. There are some exciting off-road options that could connect Harston and Haslingfield, but this should not preclude improvements to Harston High Street itself, and this is obviously the core problem that needs sorting. So close to Cambridge and yet such a difficult village for cycling around and out of.

(UK Independence Party)

My LD opponent, Susie van de Ven, has been sure footed in her support for this work. Were I to be elected in her place, I would take my cue from her.

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