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Question 23 - we asked:

Do you support the provision of a cycle bridge over the River Cam and related cycleways alongside or near the railway bridge?

We asked this question in these 2 divisions: Abbey, East Chesterton.

7 of the 9 candidates (78%) who were asked this question responded as below.

Those candidate(s) which were elected are highlighted.

(Conservative Party)


Brett Mark HUGHES
(Green Party)


Peter Harry POPE
(Green Party)


(Labour Party)

Without better cycling and pedestrian infrastructure the new station will mean a large increase in the volume of cycle and pedestrian traffic over the Green Dragon bridge and up Fen Road, both of which would struggle to cope. Any new bridge must take into account the highly sensitive location as Stourbridge Common is a nature reserve and Conservation area and is protected by statute. It will be key to see if it is possible to hang it off the existing railway bridge on the Fen Ditton side and then route cyclists and pedestrians to bring them out on the East Chesterton side of the Fen Rd railway crossing. It is also important to ensure that significant enhancements are made at the same time to Fen Road and the existing railway crossing there and that the interests and amenity of residents in Moss Bank are protected given the volume of commuter cycle and pedestrian traffic likely to go past their homes. The County Council must invest time and money getting this right and working with residents on any design and consideration of the need to protect and enhance the Common and Ditton Meadows. The new railway station should also include a pedestrian and cycle bridge to enable current and future residents on the SCDC side of the railway crossing alternative access to East Chesterton and the Milton Road area. So far pressure on the County Council from the Fen Rd Steering Group has made them allocate £100,000 from the NCATP but given the high cost of highway improvements it is unlikely to be enough to do all the works necessary to Fen Road and the railway crossing. To my mind the County often adopts a piecemeal approach to transport infrastructure rather than a cohesive area wide plan which engages with local communities.

Christopher John BROWN
(Liberal Democrat)

Yes. As part of the Chisholm Trail and with the planned new Chesterton Station I believe new route over the River Cam is an important element in linking up the route and giving access to the new station for people south of the river.

Ian Geoffrey MANNING
(Liberal Democrat)

We need to get this bridge in well before the rail station opens.

I'm sad that my Labour opponent has boasted publically of slowing the bridge down and stopping the funding package from going through.

We should be sensitive to concerns about Stourbridge common, but the new bridge must provide safe and easy to access from both sides of the river.

I have already put nearby residents in touch with the project team to advert the risk of any legal challenges holding the project up. I've spoken to local groups like Friends of Stourbridge Common and OCRA and ensured their concerns are heard.

There is already a £10,000 project to look at environmental impacts – this will make sure the common isn't damaged.

(UK Independence Party)

Again, only if you don't expect everybody else to pay for it.

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