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Question 21 - we asked:

We would like to see the Pembroke Street / Mill Lane route becoming the default priority direction at its junction with Trumpington Street. This would enable the high pedestrian and cycle flows to be catered for better. Do you support this idea?

We asked this question in these 2 divisions: Market, Newnham.

6 of the 8 candidates (75%) who were asked this question responded as below.

Those candidate(s) which were elected are highlighted.

(Conservative Party)

This is another problematic junction and could certainly be managed better than under the current scheme. I would investigate all the options, and the evidence given by cycle campaigners like yourselves would be a welcome guide.

The question you pose is important for other reasons. This junction is particular dangerous because of through traffic turning right for the car park. It may be that far more radical measures are needed on Trumpington Street and also Tennis Court Road to slow down/curtail through-motor traffic to the car park, if new cycle flow schemes are to be safely implemented.

Simon David Francis SEDGWICK-JELL
(Green Party)

Yes: and elsewhere e.g. Kingston Street - Devonshire Road

(Labour Party)

As I mentioned earlier in these responses there are several junctions in Cambridge that are potentially dangerous and we need to carefully consider the result of proper studies to maximise safety for all road users. I would support investigating reworking of this junction, considering traffic lights to improve the area for all road users, and giving extra priority to cyclists and pedestrians.

(Labour Party)

The idea has much merit, but to proceed we would need the support of local residents and stake-holders, who should be consulted.

(Liberal Democrat)

No I don't- this is an idea that has not taken into consideration all the factors including the fact that this is the main access to one of the cities most significant car parks.

Lucy Kathleen NETHSINGHA
(Liberal Democrat)

I am well aware that this is a very difficult junction for cyclists, and it is particularly important for young people cycling from Newnham to Parkside. Improvements for cyclists at this junction would be highly desirable, but I would want to see more details about how this suggested solution would affect other traffic flows in that area.

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