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Question 19 - we asked:

Do you support the principle of a considerable improvement for cycling along the inner ring road, in the form of a Newnham to Newmarket (N2N) cycleway? In our view, 2.1m wide cycle tracks could be achieved for much of this while in many places not affecting vehicle capacity.

We asked this question in these 4 divisions: Abbey, Newnham, Petersfield, Trumpington.

11 of the 16 candidates (69%) who were asked this question responded as below.

Those candidate(s) which were elected are highlighted.

(Conservative Party)

I would also like to see a cycleway along the top of the river banks and tow paths from Cambridge towards Kings Lynn.

John Michael IONIDES
(Conservative Party)

Generally speaking I am in favour of adding cycling infrastructure where possible and sensible.

I foresee technical problems around the Royal Cambridge Hotel junction, which is the area that is probably most offputting for inexperienced cyclists (although I pass through there regularly and don't find it a problem at all).

I am concerned however that I do not see any references to support key assertions in the associated article.

I don't see any reference to support the assertion "The result would be more people cycling, and therefore shorter journey times for drivers, though there would be some increased congestion in the short term while people adapt their travel modes". This statement should be supported by proper modelling and survey results, otherwise it could be mistaken for wishful thinking.

Also, I don't see any reference to support the view that "Modern traffic signalling, combined with the higher rates of cycling that would result from making space for cycling here, would avoid the problems experienced long ago when traffic lights were present". At the very least I would want to see some good modelling. Reducing traffic flows through this junction risks paralyzing traffic in the south part of the city, which I do not think would be desirable.

(Green Party)
The candidate did not enter a response for this question.
Brett Mark HUGHES
(Green Party)

Absolutely, and even more could be done on the radial routes into Cambridge as well.

(Labour Party)

Yes, in principle I am very supportive of this, and having cycling and pedestrian priority on all roads from the inner ring road inwards

Peter SNOW
(Labour Party)

We support reviewing this, and having cycling and pedestrian priority on all roads from the inner ring road inwards.

Ashley WALSH
(Labour Party)

Yes. I support improvements along the inner ring road in the form suggested and the Cambridgeshire Labour Party supports a review along these lines. We would also prioritise cycling and pedestrian provision on all roads from the inner ring road inwards.

Barbara Anne ASHWOOD
(Liberal Democrat)

The inner ring road currently serves cyclists poorly. Dual use footpaths are ok where there is no alternative, but because maintenance is poor, one user group regularly finds progress hindered by overgrown hedges etc. Cycle tracks would greatly enhance the road where this would not impinge on capacity and encourage people to use their bikes more for recreation, not just for work.

Christopher John BROWN
(Liberal Democrat)

Living just off Newmarket Road I often cycle in to the City along East Road and Lensfield Road and this can be a difficult route for cyclists. Traffic congestion is also a significant problem in these areas, so a detailed investigation of the impact of any changes would be an important first step. Overall some improvements to this route for cyclists would be positive.

(Liberal Democrat)
The candidate did not enter a response for this question.
Lucy Kathleen NETHSINGHA
(Liberal Democrat)

This sounds like a fantastic idea, but again the details would be very important.

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