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Question 17 - we asked:

Do you agree that pavement car parking, being illegal and inconsiderate, treats pedestrians as if they are second-class citizens? If so, do you feel that legalised pavement car parking, which has the exact same outcome as illegal pavement parking, is something problematic which should ideally be avoided?

We asked this question only in Romsey.

4 of the 6 candidates (67%) who were asked this question responded as below.

Those candidate(s) which were elected are highlighted.

(Cambridge Socialists)


Andrew James BOWER
(Conservative Party)

Yes; yes.

Martin SMART
(Labour Party)

Yes except where it has been put in following consultation with residents and in response to local conditions. Both pavement and verge parking should be avoided. Cambridgeshire should make more use of the TRO powers to prohibit these and improve our roads.

(Liberal Democrat)

In an ideal world, yes, but in reality Romsey Town was mostly built in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, when very few people had private motor cars, and as a result there is next to no off-street parking provision and we have one of the lowest amounts of parking per house in the entire city. This must be taken into account.

What I certainly do support is investigating whether banning pavement parking on Mill Road would be practical: this would in my view help to create a less hostile environment for cyclists and pedestrians on the main thoroughfare in our area.

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