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Question 11 - we asked:

Do you support a modal shift away from cars and towards a healthier and more environmentally sustainable transport system (i.e. walking, cycling, trains and buses) and if so how will you make this shift?

We asked this question only in Queen Edith's.

2 of the 4 candidates (50%) who were asked this question responded as below.

Those candidate(s) which were elected are highlighted.

John Frederick BERESFORD
(Labour & Co-operative)

Central Cambridge is still too easily accessible by car. Greater investment in Park and Ride should be encouraged. As a related issue, I would like to see more electrical charging points for cars-I drive a Prius hybrid, but would change to electric if the infrastructure were present.
Local bus services must be maintained and improved if car drivers are to be discouraged from driving into town centres.

Amanda Joan TAYLOR
(Liberal Democrat)

Yes I do, also to be more inclusive, as not everyone has a car or access to one.
There is a lot that the County can do indirectly to encourage cycling – eg working with employers and grant-aiding facilities that assist cyclists, such as secure cycle parking and changing facilities at workplaces.

Cycling needs to be perceived as safe, and that means good lighting for cycle lanes, decent widths (not like Trumpington Road where the lane is too close to parked cars so that a car door opening suddenly could cause serious injury), and adequate parking. In winter, pavements and cycle lanes need to be gritted just as roads are, especially the key routes.

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