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Question 10 - we asked:

What would your aspirations be for the County and its Cycling Champion to achieve in the next four-year Cabinet?

We asked this question in these 3 divisions: Fulbourn, Romsey, Whittlesey North.

7 of the 14 candidates (50%) who were asked this question responded as below.

Those candidate(s) which were elected are highlighted.

(Cambridge Socialists)

1) To win funding for proper dutch style cycle routes to and around all new development.
2) To win funding fro the the Chisholm trail
3) To make Chesterton Station and Cambridge station Cycle friendly (as well as all the trains)
4) To get the Cambridge inner ring road to be cycle prioritized

Andrew James BOWER
(Conservative Party)

I suggest three key targets, though much else ought to be done, too:

1. High quality provision in new developments and redevelopments.

2. Ongoing road maintenance programme ensuring quality cycling surfaces.

3. Elimination of the worst stop-start cycle facilities.

Martin John CURTIS
(Conservative Party)

We need to see cycling develop across the whole county, to see the Olympics legacy programme developing. My aspiration was always to see Cambridgeshire develop a reputation as the number one cycling County in the curry. That means seeing the spread of Cambridge's cycling reputation in our market Towns, to see us developing cycling linkages between market Towns and the development of a cycling tourism infrastructure, including a long distance cycle route through the County. Of course, cycling safety should be in the middle of this. What the cycling champion must not be is some on Ethan rolls over at the whim of the various cycling groups in the county. He should listen, should be informed by them, but not dictated. There should be healthy challenge between the two.

(Green Party)

Improved cycle routes and much higher priority given to cyclists and their needs.

Martin SMART
(Labour Party)

To work with residents and communities to put into place high quality cycling routes wherever possible.     

(Liberal Democrat)

The council’s current political leadership denies that such a thing as a “strategic cycle route” can exist and this needs to change. I would want the Council as a whole to understand that investing in cycling is not merely about cycling per se: it is about maintaining quality of life, taking care of our environment, making it easier to get around, and supporting our economy.

Our knowledge economy depends centrally on quality of life here being maintained and the County needs to make the case to central government that for the specific form of economic growth that we are seeing here to be sustained we need major investment in cycling. Otherwise the city will become gridlocked with congestion and air quality will deteriorate. People and businesses will go elsewhere.

In terms of specific projects, my top priority would be to deliver as much of the Chisholm Trail as possible. Our alternative budget proposals set aside £4M to deliver key sections of it.

I would also like to see a major review of junctions that are dangerous for cyclists.

John George WILLIAMS
(Liberal Democrat)

Start joined up thinking and develop radial cycle routes into Cambridge, with safe cycling routes to them from the surrounding villages.

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