Catholic Church junction

In late 2012, the County Council proposed a limited set of changes to this junction.

The changes are an improvement but do not go nearly far enough – it will remain a hazardous, traffic-dominated, blackspot putting people off cycling. A ‘cycling city’ surely deserves better.

We published our full consultation response and a postcard flyer.

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Newsletter articles

The following is a thread of newsletter articles on the topic:

Our proposal

The County's current proposals do not go far enough

* RESPOND to the Council now

Only if YOU and lots of people ASK FOR BETTER will the County improve their proposals. Please tell them:

  1. Cycling must be favoured, not squeezed in – changes don’t go far enough
  2. Hills Road approach is better BUT left-turns for cars/lorries need to be banned
  3. Add ‘advance green’ lights for a safer start
  4. Regent Street: cycle lanes needed by making it one car lane in each direction
  5. Create a cycle & bus lane from Lensfield Rd into Regent St instead of left turn for cars
  6. Coloured cycle lanes over the crossing [example]
  7. Plan to reduce Gonville Place to 2 car lanes (from 3) for cycle lanes in the future

To deal with congestion in Cambridge, it is essential to take measures that encourage more people to cycle.

Our postcard flyer has text:

Please treat this as an official consultation response.

I agree with the points raised by Cambridge Cycling Campaign above and in its letter and believe all of these must be incorporated into the junction.

The changes are an improvement but do not go nearly far enough for a ‘cycling city’.

I welcome the efforts the Signals Team have made to create space on the Hills Road approach but believe they must be given a stronger remit to give cyclists a much fairer proportion of space on the other three.

The County should also seek to obtain permission for ‘advance green’ lights here from the Department for Transport.

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