Sarah Berry: The difference an LTN makes

Sarah Berry is an active travel campaigner from Lambeth, London and yet only a year ago she didn’t even own a bike! It was the installation of a low-traffic neighbourhood (LTN) scheme in her local area that prompted her to take up cycling and, speaking to Camcycle at our February 2021 monthly meeting, she explains why she thinks LTNs open up cycling to new people and why empathy, tenacity and hope are the secrets to successful campaigning.

Sarah is now a vocal campaigner on the issues of car-dependency and voluntary co-chair of Lambeth Living Streets. She advocates for low-traffic neighbourhoods and other active travel measures locally and across the country. Her experiences starting out cycling on London’s roads inspired her to start the blog ‘Diary of a New Cyclist’ which recently won the Blog Category at the Active Travel Academy Media Awards.

The meeting also includes a round-up of the latest Camcycle news and campaigning issues from Executive Director Roxanne De Beaux and trustee Matthew Danish. Features include an update from our AGM, news on the latest Spaces to Breathe in Cambridge, issues with a planning application in the south of Cambridge, the county council’s trial of electric vehicles in bus lanes and a new campaign against exclusionary barriers which have been installed on the approach to the cycle bridges near Bar Hill and Swavesey.

This meeting was originally held on our Facebook channel and is also available to view on YouTube.

The next Camcycle meeting will be held online on Tuesday 2 March, when we’ll be talking about car-free living.



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Cycling news

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Spaces to Breathe – new phase of experimental schemes
Netherhall Farm development – proposals threaten to lock in a car-dependent future
Cambridgeshire County Council electric vehicles in bus lanes – take action against the threat of countywide ‘Tesla lanes’


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