Support Camcycle when you shop this year through the Co-op Local Community Fund

At the end of 2020, Camcycle was delighted to be chosen for support from the Co-op Local Community Fund in north Cambridge – one of three causes picked by staff at the Milton Road, Histon Road and Green End Road stores to receive Co-op member contributions for the coming year.

Funds raised for Camcycle through the Local Community Fund will support our work for more, better and safer cycling, for all ages and abilities, in and around Cambridge. Our aim is to ensure safer streets, more independence for young people and people with mobility impairments, reduced air pollution, healthier people, and reconnected communities.

We are often called on by local residents to advise them on how to make their roads safer. The positive impact of Camcycle’s Spaces To Breathe campaign throughout the pandemic was significant. We collected from the community more than 150 ideas to improve road safety and wellbeing, worked with local groups to develop ideas into specific plans and helped residents work with the council to get them implemented. We would like to continue this work with the funds donated by Co-op members.

Get involved and start earning funds!

  1. You can help Camcycle raise money by joining the Co-op as a member and scanning your membership card or app every time you shop (there is a membership fee of £1). You can sign up at or by using the Co-op App (find it by searching for ‘Co-op’ in your phone’s app store).
  2. You will need to select Camcycle as your cause online or by using the app, and points will be automatically allocated to Camcycle over the year. If you live in the Cambridge City north region Camcycle should appear as one of your three local causes. However, you can also search for and select Camcycle if you live within 15 miles of the area.
  3. You can also allocate member points you have collected for yourself to Camcycle throughout the year.

What has previous Co-op funding achieved for Camcycle?

We participated in two rounds of Co-op funding in north and south Cambridge in 2017 and received over £14,000 which we used to fund our Camcycle cargo bike and the enhancements needed to turn it into our distinctive stall. It also paid for our Welcome to Cycling print and digital resources. We’re excited to be partnered with the Co-op again and are looking forward to working with Co-op staff and members to promote the fund and cycling in Cambridge.

Thank you to the Co-op Local Community Fund and Co-op staff and customers for supporting Camcycle and more, better, and safer cycling in Cambridge.