Cambridge celebrates arrival of UK’s first Dutch-style roundabout


Cambridge cycling campaigners are delighted to see the first Dutch-style roundabout in the UK finally open! It was smiles all around as the first laps around the roundabout took place. In the first few minutes, the roundabout was already being enthusiastically used by people of all ages and abilities on foot, different types of cycle and mobility aids.

Camcycle welcomes the opening of this new roundabout, which has been specifically built to give priority to people walking and cycling and should lead to safer journeys for all road users, including drivers. The roundabout is a joy to ride around but be aware that it may take a while for everyone to get used to the new design so cycle/walk/drive with care as you travel through the area. People walking and cycling officially have priority over drivers and the geometry of the roundabout allows people driving and cycling to see each other coming. Make eye contact to ensure the driver has seen you and why not give them a friendly smile and a wave as you pass as well. Cambridgeshire County Council has published a video to provide more guidance on how to use the new roundabout, see the video below.

Our Executive Director, Roxanne De Beaux, was one of the first people to cycle around the Fendon Road roundabout. She said “I’m absolutely delighted with the new roundabout. It feels like a small piece of Dutch cycling heaven. I feel very safe with this layout, the geometry made it easy to see the cars leaving and approaching the roundabout and the people driving were all giving way to the people cycling and walking. This is a historic and internationally significant day for active travel and how wonderful for Cambridge, the cycling capital of the UK to be leading the way”

Camcycle would like to everyone who made this happen, especially Cambridgeshire County Council members and officers – it’s a huge achievement to have a design that’s common in the Netherlands right here in Cambridge. We thank Cambridgeshire County Council for consulting with Dutch engineers on this scheme and hope that lessons learned during its construction will inform future projects to improve the safety of junctions and roads across the region. Recent research from Sustrans shows that 88% of residents in Greater Cambridge think improving routes and facilities is important to improve safety and 82% said routes which kept them separated from motor traffic and pedestrians would help them cycle more. Camcycle looks forward to the day when people of all ages and abilities can cycle confidently for their everyday journeys and call on local authorities to join up this roundabout to a network of safe routes across the county.

If you don’t live nearby – go and try it! Inspire yourself to work for more Dutch-style infrastructure where you live. If you’re not a member already, why not join Camcycle to support our work for more, better and safer infrastructure, like this roundabout throughout, the region.