Beyond the Bicycle: designing for inclusive cycling

We were delighted to host Mark Philpotts, aka the Ranty Highwayman for our online monthly meeting in May 2020. Streaming live to our Facebook channel, Mark introduced himself as a highways engineer who rides a Dutch bike and a Christiana tricycle, bringing his own set of perspectives to cycling, but working hard for all types of cyclist as part of his day job and as a founder member of the Beyond the Bicycle coalition.

The video of the meeting is now available on YouTube for those who missed Mark’s fascinating talk, illuminating all aspects of inclusive design from kerbs and barriers to floating bus stops. Mark emphasised the fact that when cycling is made accessible for users of non-standard cycles (such as handcycles and cargo bikes), it’s actually made more accessible for everyone. Inclusive facilities also benefit those who don’t cycle, such as users of mobility scooters – another reason to remove exclusionary barriers such as ‘pram handles’ and chicane fencing.

It was great to have Mark on hand for advice as we discussed Camcycle’s new Spaces to Breathe campaign following his presentation. Camcycle trustee Matthew Danish shared some of our ideas for creating safe spaces for cycling and walking in and around Cambridge, including temporary road filters, widened cycle lanes and removal of anti-pedestrian railings. Those watching fed in questions and comments via Facebook and then the discussion continued informally after the meeting at our online Jitsi ‘pub meetup’.

The next Camcycle meeting will be held online on Tuesday 2 June, a special celebration of Camcycle’s 25th anniversary. Find out more about this and other Camcycle events on our events page.


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