Barton and Haslingfield Greenway Consultations


The Greater Cambridge Partnership has two surveys open until 20 August, one about the Barton Greenway (Leaflet PDF) and one about the Haslingfield Greenway (Leaflet PDF). Please take the time to respond to the consultation by filling out the surveys. You can also leave specific comments on interactive maps: one for the Barton route and one for the Haslingfield route.

Camcycle’s Barton Greenway response, in summary:

  • We strongly support all the improvements to the pathways.
  • For the dangerous roundabouts we only strongly support the following options, which are the only options that are safe enough for families with children to use because they completely separate fast-moving motor traffic away from people walking and cycling along the path:
    • ‘Roundabout (M11N slip road) Option B‘  and
    • ‘Barton Road / Coton Road / Grantchester Road Roundabout Option A

And our Haslingfield Greenway response, in summary:

  • In general we strongly support pathway and junction improvements.
  • We only supported ‘M11 Bridge Option A‘ because that is the only bridge option that would create a fully accessible link for all ages and abilities, unlike Option B, which would have stairs.
  • For the connection between Grantchester and Cambridge, the only safe, accessible and family-friendly options that we could support are ‘Cambridge to Grantchester Option A‘ or ‘Path behind Grantchester Meadows hedge’. The other options (B and C) would force people to face 60mph motor traffic with no protection, which is not suitable for all ages and abilities.
  • We also wrote that the consultation is missing the most obvious, least expensive and easiest option: removal of through motor-traffic from Grantchester Road with a simple set of bollards. With appropriate consultation, any necessary access can be retained while creating a low-cost and environmentally friendly Greenway that is safe enough for families with children to use. This option could be easily trialled and the results observed. Grantchester Road was closed for several months because of bridge repairs, not long ago, and that work showed that life was much more peaceful for residents without through-traffic on that road and local businesses were unaffected. This proves that the simplest and most affordable option could easily be the best.

Our full responses are available as PDF documents: