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1 October Newsletter 116 now online
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29 January Newsletter 94 now online
28 March Cycling Vision 2016 published
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31 January Newsletter 88 now online
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1 October Cambridge Cycling Campaign becomes a charity
26 November Newsletter 93 now online


1 December Newsletter 87 now online
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1 August Newsletter 85 now online
28th May Newsletter 84 now online
26th March Committee list updated
23rd March Cambridge CycleStreets.net launched, replacing our older mapping system
23rd March Newsletter 83 now online
13th March Our submission to the Cambridgeshire Transport Commission now submitted
5th March Details of our forthcoming Ride to Reach Fair (the Camcycle 20/50)
5th February Created a survey about snow and ice problems
2nd February Newsletter 82 now online


28th December Videos from the archive added
28th December ‘Do it by cycle’ DVD from Cambridgeshire County Council can be watched online
7th December Newsletter 81 is online
29th October Cambridge Cycle Parking Guide, a major new resource we have published
22nd October Information and documents about the proposed Charitable Status, to be considered at the AGM
22nd October Details of the AGM 2008
30th September Newsletter 80 is online
25th July Newsletter 79 is online
7th June Newsletter 78 is online
3rd June Most interactive sections of the site, including mapping, have been upgraded to support international characters (UTF-8 unicode)
2nd June Photos from the CCN/CTC Spring Conference 2008
10th May Cycling 2020, our vision for cycling
14th April Elections section, containing views of election candidates
10th April Issued a formal request for proposals for our new Cambridge Cycle Parking Guide
8th April Launched Cycling in New Developments, a major new position paper
5th April CCN/CTC Spring Conference 2008 pages launched
2nd April Information about the new Grand Arcade Cycle Park
30th March Launched a new planning, section of the website
13th March Updated campaigning page covering our concerns about the Grand Arcade Cycle Park
28th January Newsletter 76 is online
5th January Put expenses policy (internal policy) online
5th January Constitution updated to include the changes made at the 2007 AGM


2nd December Newsletter 75 is online
11th November Committee list updated
11th October Newsletter 74 is online
11th October Stop the Revolution blocking the Downing Steeet contraflow with more delivery vehicles. Object to the planning application.
11th October New Station area plans announced. Read the summary
25th August Our website is kindly hosted by Mythic Beasts
28th July Newsletter 73 online
16th July Congestion charging / demand management news and views added
15th July Cycle parking installation guidance compiled
28th May Newsletter 72 online
15th April Elections section, containing views of election candidates
29th March Newsletter 71 online
28th January Newsletter 70, including a Stop Press supplement, added
28th January Some history – the Cambridge Cycleways Report 1975, which makes interesting reading..
10th January Our campaign in support of proposals for two-way cycling in one-way streets


29th December Events for 2007 added and earlier ones archived
9th December Newsletter 69 added
3rd December Added An Expert Witness in Cycling (John Franklin’s paper presented to our 2006 AGM)
8th November Committee list updated and change to the Constitution made, following the AGM
9th September Updated archive of campaigning letters and consultation responses from 2006
6th October Newsletter 68 added
29th September Our campaign on the new Gonville Place pedestrian/cycle crossing
20th September Put online the 2006 City Council Cycle Parking Standards
10th September Photos from our Berry-picking Leisurely Ride
9th September Added information on cycle auctions in Cambridge
2nd September Photos from our Leisurely Ride to Ely
26th August Cycling 2020: formal Request For Proposals bidding now open
25th August Photos from our Netherlands Cycling Study Tour
20th August Photos of the Arbury Park road works
14th August A page on our campaign about the removal of cycle parking outside Cambridge central library
13th August New article on Insurance against cycle theft and third-party liability
12th August Printable leaflet on keeping your bicycle safe
12th August Our campaign for alternative cycle parking provision following the removal of cycle parking at the central library
10th August New Roadworks affecting cyclists locally section of website: see also right-hand column of home page.
5th August Newsletter 67 added
27th June Mapping and photo-map tools launched – a major new facility enabling you to view/add photos and cycle routes
16th June Newsletter 66 added
29th May Committee page overhauled
13th May Programme of Leisurely Rides 2006 published
28th March Newsletter 65 added
4th March Mailing list archives, running on the Campaign’s new e-mail list infrastructure, are now viewable by members of those lists; doing so requires login with your Camcycle website account.
2nd March Visitors can now create and sign in with a free Camcycle account on the website, used for a variety of interactive services being launched shortly
29th January Newsletter 64 added
9th January Online membership form introduced
1st January Completed archive of campaigning letters and consultation responses from 2005
1st January Events for 2006 added and earlier ones archived


7th December Newsletter 63 added
6th November Committee list updated, following the AGM
7th October Newsletter 62 added
27th September Online membership renewal is now available
26th September Online shop launched – currently T-shirts can be purchased online
8th August Newsletter 61 added
20th June Letters to the press being added.
12th June Changes to the Constitution passed at the 2004 AGM incorporated.
5th June Newsletter 60 added
17th April Tech: webforms rewritten
16th April Added a sitemap, providing links to all sections of the site
4th April Newsletter 59 added
14th March Added PDF versions of our Responsible, Legal Cycling paper and our Manifesto.
14th March Updates on developments on the proposed experimental suspension of the City Centre cycling ban.
24th January Newsletter 58 added
18th January Added our press release, Historic decision for the historic core on the decision to suspend the historic city centre cycling restriction for a trial period, starting later this year.
10th January Events for 2005 added and earlier ones archived


31st December Completed archive of campaigning letters and consultation responses from 2003
29th December Completed archive of campaigning letters and consultation responses from 2004
30th November Newsletter 57 added
4th October Newsletter 56 added
17th September Updated city centre cycling map
5th September Updated the Cambridge City Council cycle parking standards page to reflect the new standards
4th September Tech: Migrated site generation to using the pureContent framework and refactored newsletter and threads code
21st August Started a major new section on campaigning letters and consultation responses
15th August Information on suppliers of cycle lockers added
28th July Newsletter 55 added
8th June Newsletter 54 added
4th June Added a downloadable map of cycling regulations in the city centre
20th May Bike Week 2004 events listing added
16th May Added Milton Road bus censuses
2nd May Updated cycle training information
30th April Updates and letters regarding the helmet compulsion bill
1st April Our policy and response to the County Council’s Guided Bus proposals added
1st April Comments and feedback on the helmet compulsion bill
1st April Newsletter 53 added
27th March Station cycle parking census added
6th March Various new Newsletter ‘threads‘ added
6th March Tech: External sites are now marked with an arrow symbol ([external site]), in browsers with good support for ‘web standards’.
4th March Tech: Converted website from tables layout to CSS2 layout. Pages should be even faster to download and better styled as well as more accessible. Users of ancient browsers such as Netscape 4 will get the content (very clearly) but not the styling. Please contact the webmaster if you experience any problems.
2nd February Newsletter 52 added
11th January Tech: further internal code overhaul
Problematic styling removed from Netscape 4
2nd January Events for 2004 added and earlier ones archived


30th December Tech: implemented new site policy of not making e-mail addresses clickable for anti-spam reasons; all addresses now encoded
14th December Added photographs of examples of priority over sideroads in Bloomsbury, London
5th December Newsletter 51 added
2nd November Updated the Cambridge City Council cycle parking standards page
15th October Added a short page on priority over sideroads
5th October Newsletter 50 added
2nd August A few stylistic changes across the site and more presentation moved into the site’s stylesheet.
25th July Newsletter 49 added
19th July Tech: Print layout removed and replaced by a print stylesheet: menus will be removed automatically when printing using a browser which supports web standards.
12th May Newsletter 48 added
2nd April Our new Position paper on responsible, legal cycling online
25th March Newsletter 47 added
23rd March Information on Park Street Cycle Park added
3rd February Newsletter 46 added.
2nd – 6th January Tech: Newsletter auto-generation code overhauled and presentation improved.
Tech: Threads auto-generation code overhauled and new features added.
Tech: Layout code simplified to reduce loading time.
Tech: Most of the site is now valid XHTML.
Tech: Layout code streamlined to reduce page size by around 2k.


29th December Press releases archive now includes a fuller archive of press releases
29th November Newsletter 45 added.
Search box added to house style template – see top-right corner
17th November Links section overhauled.
6th October Newsletter 44 added.
11th August Improvements made to the cycle parking section in preparation for new content. Streamlining of the resources section.
Tech: Version 2 of site hierarchy script added.
10th August Newsletter style guidelines added.
3rd August Newsletter 43 added.
8th July Website statistics now being produced automatically on a daily basis.
7th July Links to external site tidied up and changed links policy added.
June Lots more updated information on Bike Week 2002.
3rd June Newsletter 42 added.
3rd June E-Mail discussion lists sign-up form updated.
23rd May Information on the Station Planning Brief.
21st May Information on Core Scheme Stage 3 – Silver Street and Regent Street.
16th May Added the Campaign’s Data Protection Policy.
May Lots of information on National Bike Week 2002.
28th April Added information on buying a trailer.
9th April Updated maintenance courses information.
4th April Cambridgeshire cycle parking standards added.
31st March Newsletter 41 added.
17th March ‘MindIt’ boxes removed from various pages, as this (previously free) service is no longer available. An alternative is being developed in-house.
8th March SuperCAM subgroup added.
7th March Membership numbers page updated.
19th February

Tech: Vast number of internal changes to the site code done, including:

  • Page template down to 0 characters
  • Code now in libraries (open-source; contact the webmaster if interested)
  • Pages being made XHTML-valid
  • PHP4.11+ safe with security and reporting modes fully on
  • Completely cross-platform coding
  • Code better documented
25th January Newsletter 40 added.
25th January Core Scheme Stage 3 consultation – our initial response.
18th January Information on the new maintenance course beginning 26th February.
17th January Duxford Double ride route added to leisurely rides section.
6th January Bus shelters updated.


15th December Website is now Bobby Approved: Click here for further information on website accessibility features.
14th December Website statistics being produced and updated regularly
7th December Campaigning section gateway sorted out at last.
29th November Newsletter 39 added
Our views on quality of cycle provision added
7th November New Committee list added
List of abbreviations added
4th November Search facility now working.
1st November Information on cycle theft, including a newsletter ‘thread’, added.
Information on Coldham’s Lane Bridge and Parker’s Piece added.
26th October Lots of newsletter ‘threads’ added. See the page for more information.
18th October You can now submit forthcoming events online.
Various improvements made to website navigation.
4th October Added Newsletter 38
4th October Website relaunched!
27th July Added Newsletter 37
29th May Added Newsletter 36
Moved to a new server. Please let us know of any problems with the web site.
30th April Added Bus shelters on shared-use paths
28th March Added Newsletter 35
27th January Added Newsletter 34


29 November Added Newsletter 33
1 October Added Newsletter 32
Added Bikes On Trains petition
18 August Added “The Bikeman” to the Discounts list (and other minor updates)
31 July Added Newsletter 31
12 July Added Review of Cambridge Millennium Festival of Cycling
7 July Added Golden Bell and Chocolate Chain 2000 Award Winners
31 May Added Newsletter 30
2 May Added WAGN’s response to (most of) our list of concerns
19 Apr Added list of cyclists’ concerns, addressed to WAGN
17 Apr Added information about the proposed WAGN bike ban
Updated Motorbikes bid to use Cambridge bus lanes
29 Mar Added Newsletter 29
28 Mar Added Postcard for reporting potholes and similar problems
10 Mar Updated Guide to Cycle Parking Suppliers
29 Feb Added Postcard for reporting vehicles parked in bus and cycle lanes
28 Jan Added Newsletter 28
20 Jan Added our Millennium Festival of Cycling pages


22 Dec Added fax number to Contacts page
28 Nov Added Newsletter 27
8 Nov Added Enabling and encouraging people to cycle (John Franklin’s paper presented to our 1999 AGM)
31 Oct Updated Membership Form (both HTML and PDF)
Updated About Cambridge Cycling Campaign
18 Oct Added Townsends to the Discounts list
13 Oct Added Vehicle Speeds – on the Advertising Standards Authority’s adjudications on our recent car-advert complaints.
3 Oct Added Newsletter 26
20 Aug Added Motorcyclists bid to use Cambridge Bus and Cycle lanes…
3 Aug Added Newsletter 25
30 May Updated National Bike Week pages
Added Arrive by Bike destinations
27 May Added Newsletter 24
4 May Moved National Bike Week pages to this site
26 April Added Highlights (in PDF) and Photos of the VeloCity 99 Conference
20 April Added PDF version of membership form
30 March Added E-mail discussion group subscription page
29 March Added Newsletter 23
1 February Added Newsletter 22
24 January Added new address for “Chris’s Bikes” to the Discounts list
Added “Cambridge Recycles” to the Discounts list


15th December Added Bikes and Trains Subgroup Page
(with details of the imminent clearance of old bikes)
Added our FAQ
Added National Bike Week 1999 pages.
26th November Added Newsletter 21
Added Cycle Parking Subgroup Page
Added Spotters’ Guide to Cambridge Cycle Parking
Added Guide to Cycle Parking Suppliers
20th October Changed David Earl’s e-mail to ‘david@frankieandshadow.com’.
13th October Added Camcycle Bulletin number 1
Added Science Park Vehicle Count report
Added Science Park subgroup page
28th September Added Newsletter 20
Added Tea Stops
Added Visiting Cambridge
Added links to CTC local pages
Updated Campaign Constitution
9th September Added Campaign Constitution
28th July Added Newsletter 19
Added Our response to the White Paper
Revamped the Front Page
Created a new Campaigning page.
26th July Added Cambridge Cycling Campaign position papers as follows:
Position paper on One Way Streets – July 1998
Position paper on Advanced Stop Lines – July 1998
Position paper on Left Turn Lanes – July 1998
22nd July Added various links to The White Paper on the Future of Transport
7th July Added various links to Hobbs Pavilion Restaurant
1st July Added Cycling Campaign welcomes 500th member
10th June Added Reporting faults
Added Search hints
Added various links to Ben Hayward Web Site
28th May Added Newsletter 18
Added our list of local organisations
27th May Added various links to our National Bike Week pages
12th May Added various links to Cambridge & Huntingdon Health Authority
11th May Added “D.Tek” to the Discounts list
Added “Maps”>Hills Road Corridor”, and “Trailers” to the Subgroups list
Added various links to the main National Bike Week
home page.
4th May Major revamp of Diary/Meetings page – and added National Bike Week events.
28th April Added Notes for Advertisers
28th March Added Newsletter 17
20th March Added Search facility
3rd March Added Can You Help?
Added Sweatshirt Order Form
28th February Added Cycle Campaigning Reference Material
4th February
Updated About Cambridge Cycling Campaign
24th January Added a (somewhat primitive) standard header and footer to every page.
Changed the site address to ‘http://www.ccdc.cam.ac.uk/camcycle’ throughout.
Changed Clare Macrae’s e-mail to ‘macrae@ccdc.cam.ac.uk’.
22nd January Added Newsletter 16
Added Injury/Collision advice
10th January Added “Chris’s Mobile Bicycle Service” to the Discounts list
Added “National Bike Week 1998” to the Subgroups list


25th November Added Newsletter 15
26th October New, improved Membership Form
1st October Added Newsletter 14
Added 5th Cycle Friendly Employers Newsletter
Added some photos of our Groningen trip
1st September Added our Royal Mail PO Box address
29th July Added Newsletter 13
Added Anglia Railways Golden Bell Award press release.
Updated Cycle Friendly Employer contact details throughout site.
26th June Fixed some broken links. (Thanks, Jim)
16th June Added details of our Golden Bell & Chocolate Chain Awards winners.
26st May Added Newsletter 12
21st May Added National Bike Week page.
20th May Added subgroups page.
Added links to Mark Clarke’s
photos of Grand Cycle Ride ’97
6th May Updated all pages to use latest Campaign e-mail address
28th April
Added sub-titles to the Home Page.
19th March Updated the National Bike Week calendar.
28th March Added this “What’s New” page.
25th March Added Newsletter 11
21st March Updated all pages to use new Campaign e-mail address
15th March Added 4th Cycle Friendly Employers Newsletter
3rd February Added Newsletter 10
Added 3rd Cycle Friendly Employers Newsletter